Calligraphy tattooer


Thank you for visiting my site!My name is RYO and I’m calligraphy tattooer.My favorite thing is alone trip to Southest Asia!

I make a calligraphy tattoo has been cool from now on.Age,nationality,and gender,that’s not problem and it looks better even more you grew old.Please feel free to cotact me about anything!

Business trip・Reservation and flowPRICESanitaryProhibited matter

Please either call or e-mail or LINE for contact me.
(If you contact me by call or e-mail,I tell you my LINE ID because of Advance the meeting on the LINE)

Send your identification because confilms Age and identity.

Send your parts of the body to carve place,We’ll have a meeting for calligraphy design.
Then I will tell you the rough price of it.
After that,please measure your body to carve place and send me it. 【How to measure is listed in the below】

Please tell me your adress.

If I go by car.
【Calculate transportation from mizuho-ku Nagoya】

If I go by public transport,
Caluculate transport to subway or train or flight from mizuho-ku Nagoya

After that,please transfer transportation fee and deposit ¥5,000JPY to
my bank account or paypal.《Deposit is return to you in the day.》
(Deposit isn’t return to you when If you’re canseled my order. )

If you can confirmed your payment that I’ll start to drawing calligraphy design。
I’ll heading to you when It decided to design.

The price depends on the type of font and size.
Please feel free to contact me about price.



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